I have been watching the patch of anemones that I planted last autumn for quite a few months now. The leaves showed through quite thickly before Christmas and I worried through the snow filled weeks that followed that they would be damaged. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the flower buds were showing, so I breathed a sigh of relief and continued to wait. The woodland anemone blanda have been flowering for a few weeks now, although they only show their delicate faces when the sun is shining. I have been spending so much time looking at them as well as the narcissi and blossom that I had forgotten all about these anemone de caen.  I was delighted to look out of the greenhouse this morning and see these:


Today has been a good day. I have managed to spend most of it outside and there has been a mixture of sun and showers. The garden is really moving forward now. The great excitement in the kitchen garden is that the first spears of asparagus are coming up! This will be my first year of picking freely and I can’t wait. I just hope my chickens keep laying as I am planning lots of quick lunches of poached eggs and steamed asparagus. Also the rhubarb is ready to pick, so hopefully there will be time to make rhubarb cordial this weekend.

In the woodland the dicentra, hosta’s, aquilegia’s and solomon’s seal are all showing through and elsewhere leaves are slowly unfolding, blossom is opening, the perennials are reappearing and spikes of peonies are showing everywhere. The icing on the cake was finding two flower buds on the tree peony that I planted two years ago. I remember one stunning pink flower last May, but don’t know the variety. Like everything else in this garden it is nameless after a season with a golden retriever puppy – I will have to trawl through my receipts to try and identify my plant purchases!

The only bad news today was the number of weeds that are germinating in the warmer weather. This is a garden that is being forged out of a field and every year I am amazed at the how quickly it could revert to a field if I fail to remain vigilant.  Plans to sow more seeds in the greenhouse were quickly abandoned in favour of a session of weeding.

Once again the evening sun is casting beautiful shadows across the garden and the kitchen door is standing open. I will leave you now to go and feed the chickens and take the dogs for their walk around the boundary and enjoy the beauty of this evening (then it is back to the kitchen to finish supper for the family!).