Yesterday I made my usual morning trip to the market and spotted these beautiful anemones on the flower stall:


I also found some lovely dark stocks:


Finally, here is a new photo of the tulip Angelique that I grew in the greenhouse. The flowers have lasted a week in the house and are almost finished, but I love this last stage in a tulips life and hold onto them for as long as possible:


Today is a great day for gardening. Although it is on the cool side and there is a breeze, the soil is damp and workable. I am working as quickly as I can to catch up in the vegetable garden. I have planted out plugs of spinach, spring greens and beetroot that have been sitting in the cold frames and direct sown the first carrot and beetroot seeds. In the greenhouse I have finally set off the courgettes, squash, sweetcorn and cucumbers that have been held up by the lack of space due to the late spring. I just need to direct sow the peas and sow the french beans in the greenhouse and it will have been a very productive afternoon.