Friday was an extremely wet day here in Suffolk. The chickens were soaked, the dogs didn’t want to leave the kitchen and I felt disheartened that another May is proving to be something of a let down. We had an invitation to dinner for the evening and I wanted to make a table centre piece to take with me. My answer to the grey May day blues was an injection of colour. I had already bought the oranges from the supermarket, but the blues, whites and pinks are home grown. The blue is the perennial cornflower Centaurea montana, the white Choisya ternata and the pinks are ranunculus that are just flowering in the greenhouse. I got completely drenched collecting the flowers from the garden, but the resulting zingy display was just what I needed to cheer myself up!


Everything was organised and running to time until we came to leave our house. My friend had texted me the previous day to ask if I could bring a cheeseboard as she didn’t have one. I had dutifully put my board into a bag and asked my husband to carry it to the car so that I could take the flowers. He looked into the bag quizzically and said surely she must have intended me to take cheese – didn’t a cheeseboard imply the whole works. I immediately felt foolish, panicked and threw what I could find from the fridge into the bag. Needless to say on arrival I found that my first instinct had been correct and she was genuinely just without a board on which to put her cheese!

THe flowers fitted beautifully on my friend’s table, the food was delicious and we all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening!