Runner Beans

As the vegetable garden is looking so promising today, I thought I would share a few pictures. Above are the runner beans grown from seeds that I bought at Chelsea earlier this year. As the plants were started off in June I am not expecting crops until September. This fits in well with my aim of avoiding over production. As the various peas and broad beans are just coming to an end, the baby runner beans will make a welcome change in my kitchen.

Mangetout & Peas

I have plenty of beetroot ready to eat – I love to roast beetroot and then eat it cold in a salad sliced with feta cheese and toasted pine nuts.

Delicious Peach

The courgettes were slow getting going, but are looking good now. A baked courgette topped with cheese and seeds makes a lovely light supper and chilled courgette and pea soup is a favourite summer lunch dish.

Yellow Courgette Soleil

All the tomatoes in the greenhouse are fruiting and many are ready to eat.

Striped Tomatoe

As well as the summer vegetables, this is a great year for fruit. I have pears on my espaliers for the first time.

Espalier Pear

There are three peaches looking almost ready to eat.


And the blueberries are delectable. Whilst I love to eat them, the unripened berries are stunning in flower arrangements so I have a continual battle to decide when to pick them.


Finally, Gardener’s World this week was all about gardening to encourage wildlife, so I am sharing a picture of an Echinops flower (blue globe thistle) that I took earlier this week. These flowers are the bees current favourite in my garden and I often see five or six bees on each globe.

Bees on Echinops