The Cuttings Garden has reached its peak and will hopefully continue to pump out flowers for a few more months. Dahlias, zinnias, asters and gladioli have brought a riot of colour to the beds that can only exist in an autumn garden.

Today it was the perfect flowers of the dahlias that captured my heart.  After the intense sunshine of the last few days, the rain came this morning refreshing and intensifying the vibrant colours of my many dahlia varieties. Time for a walk with my camera to try and capture the beauty of these fabulous flowers.

Dahlia David Howard Dahlia Purple Gem Dahlia Dahlia


Every year in March I wonder if it is worth the greenhouse space and use of time to set the lumpy uninspiring dahlia tubers going. In autumn, however, I cannot imagine a garden without these stunning flowers that come in so many shapes and colours and ask so little of my time, yet produce so much.