I am taking a couple of late holidays to enjoy some sunshine before the winter sets in, so have been finding it difficult to keep up with my blog posts. I had a lovely week in Spain and now am back in Florida for some time with my husband’s family.

Last weekend I  was able to take some autumnal shots in the garden, so whilst I am away I will share these photos with you.

Today I have some pictures of the chrysanthemums that are just starting to bloom in my greenhouse. Hopefully there will be many more flowers for me to enjoy on my return next week.

Chrysanthemum Collage

This flower is from the  Alouise series that I bought from Chrysanthemums Direct at the Chelsea Flower Show in May. They were delivered as rooted cuttings and I have kept them in pots in the cold frames throughout the summer. They were moved into the greenhouse in September and are just coming into flower now to give me late blooms until my narcissi Paperwhites start to flower in December.