I am linking up with Cathy at Rambling In The Garden again today for the weekly challenge of finding something from my garden to fill a vase for the house. I hope that including flowers that are growing in the greenhouse is not too much of a cheat!

Chrysanthemum Allouise White, Choisya Terrnata & Viburnum tinus in a December bouquet

Last week I filled a vase with summery delights (here). This week my vase has a much more wintery feel. I am now relying on evergreens and twigs to provide the structure of the arrangement.  I have been able to add the last of the chrysanthemums from the greenhouse (the variety is Allouise White). The foliage is late flowering Choisya terrnata and early flowering Viburnum tinus, with a few bare twigs for structure. I have just placed these in the vase – no spiralling, hand tying or other floral technique involved at all.

Chrysanthemum Allouise White with twigs & foliage.

It is hard to believe that just two weeks ago I was posting a vase of fuchsias (here) and that my dahlias were still blooming in the borders. Now the garden is rapidly dying back with only seed heads and evergreens providing structure. My paperwhite narcissi are growing in the greenhouse, but will not flower until after Christmas. I am waiting for the first snowdrops, which should start to flower in early January and for the Christmas Rose, Helleborous Niger, to bring flowers back to the garden. Last year I had a few niger blooms before Christmas, but really their season is January.

Viburnum Tinus in a December Bouquet with Chrysanthemum Allouise White

Chrysanthemum Alloise White

With so little around what will I find to fill my vase with next week?