This morning I wanted to make a quick treat to offer a friend who was visiting for coffee.  I remembered the beautiful chocolate flapjack that Belinda offered us on her Christmas Inspiration Day. A quick shuffle through my papers revealed the recipe.

Chocolate Flapjack Recipe

First I measured out the butter, golden syrup and soft brown sugar. After melting these in a pan I added the chocolate powder and stirred it into the mixture. In the absence of dried cranberries I added chopped up glace cherries, which I had in the store cupboard.

Baking With Chocolate

Next I weighed the porridge oats and stirred them into the mix until all the oats were well covered in the chocolate mixture.

Advent Candle & Porridge Oats

After 15 minutes in the Aga the flapjack was cooked. The timer in the picture belonged to my husband’s grandmother and we remember both her and her wonderful cooking every time I get it out. As a timer is essential when you cook with an Aga, she is regularly with us in the kitchen.

Vintage Timer

To keep the flapjack gooey it is important not to overcook it. The final result was just as yummy as I remembered it and will certainly be reappearing as a quick treat throughout the festive season.

Chocolate Flapjack

I must add that this tray did not last very long!