Following on from our wonderful trip to the Christmas Inspiration Day at The Grower in November, I had a couple of friends over last week to have a go at making the beautiful spruce Christmas wreath Libby had demonstrated.

Making A Pine Wreath

The materials we used were a mix of foraged ivy, skimmia, viburnum berries and cones with spruce and spagmoss bought from a floristry supplies store.

Pine Wreath

Having assembled all our ingredients the first step was to bind the spagmoss tightly around wire wreath rings to make a base. It is important at this stage to give the wire ring a good thick layer of slagmoss on both sides to make a thickly padded base. The base does not need to be particularly tidy as it will be completely hidden by the foliage.

Pine Wreath with Viburnum Berries

After that we bound together small bunches of spruce mixed with ivy and other foliage and then wired these thickly onto the base, placing the bunches at an angle and always working in the same direction.

Making A Pine Wreath

The final stage was to wire in individual details such as berries and pine cones to decorate the wreaths.

Making A Pine Wreath

The results were luxuriant, festive and beautifully scented. All our wreaths need now is a beautiful bow to complete the look.

Large Pine Wreath

Finished Pine Wreath

I am sorry that I did not photograph each individual step – in the fun of morning I forgot to pick up a camera until the wreaths were nearly finished! I still need to put the finishing touches to mine – hopefully I will find time before Christmas and will post a picture for you.