Welcome to Day 3 of my review of my first year of writing Peonies & Posies.

Looking back I can see that I was beginning to gain more confidence with the mechanics of blogging which meant I was able to post more regularly. I was still using my iPad mini to take all my photographs, but I was beginning to be frustrated by its limitations and had started thinking that I should learn to use a DSLR.

This was also the month when I started my first online blogging course called Blogging Your Way, run by Holly Becker of Decor8. Although this was a great course much of it went over my head as I was so new to the world of blogging. Next year I need to dig out all my notes and re-read them – I am sure I would get much more from them now. Whilst doing this course I came across another blogger who had taken a digital photography course through the Open University and I hatched a plan to ask for the course for my birthday present in April.

From the other bloggers taking part in Blogging Your Way I can recommend 3 beautiful floral blogs that you should take a look at: Flowerona, The Gilded Bloom and Of Spring and Summer. I still read these blogs regularly and pick up lots of lovely ideas from them.

Looking back over my March posts highlights from the month included:

Easter FlowersEaster flowers from the garden. Re-reading this post has reminded me that I must put mini eggs on my shopping list well before Easter!

Transplanting SnowdropsTransplanting snowdrops.

A Full GreenhouseA very full greenhouse.

Buff OrpingtonsEarly spring sunshine.

Single RoseMy first attempt at flower photography.

Here are some other photos I have found from my March archives:

Easter Collage

This cake makes an appearance every Easter. It is a simple Victoria sandwich cake decorated with an annually changing variety of Easter goodies. The other pictures were taken at an easter flower arranging course that I did at Figa & Co. The Figa website is very beautiful and well worth a look at.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will be back here tomorrow for a look back at April.