The flower stall at the market looked positively spring like yesterday. Although the temperature was telling me it is January, the sun was shining and I could not resist picking up these beautiful pink tulips.

Spring Tulips

I love to arrange tulips simply in a glass jug with twigs or pussy willow to add height and some support to the flowers.

Pink Tulips with Twigs

Left like this for a few days the flowers will continue to grow and twist towards the light. I appreciate the natural movement of the flowers in an arrangement like this rather than trying to constrain their desires.

Pink Tulips with Twigs

These tulips will bring a touch of spring to my kitchen for most of this week.

Pink Tulips with Twigs

As ever I cannot resist getting in close and photographing the details.

Pale Pink TulipDeep Pink Tulip

Finally, a shot with some boxes of pink ranunculus that I picked up in Marks & Spencer’s whilst I was out yesterday. The boxes are so pretty – I hope the flowers will live up their glamorous image! I am going to plant one box straight into the border in the greenhouse and the other into a couple of pots that can be moved outside if the weather is good when they flower.

Tulips and Ranunculus

I hope to see you again tomorrow when I will be back with flowers from my own garden arranged for In A Vase On Monday.