Welcome back to ‘In A Vase On Monday’. After what feels like a very long break I am once again linking up to Cathy’s blog Rambling In The Garden, to join her in a Monday challenge of making an arrangement of garden finds.

This week I am easing myself back into the routine and have taken the simplest option of making a selection of posies from the limited flowers available.

January Posies

The most springlike of the three posies is made up of the winter flowering jasmine jasminum nudiforum and some very early flowering grape hyacinths (muscari armeniacum). I added a few fern fronds to fill it out.

Muscari & Jasmine

Posy number two includes my favourite viburnum tinus gwenilian again (it is still pumping out the flowers) and an amazing bloom of the David Austin rose Winchester Cathedral – I went looking for snowdrops and found a rose!

Rose Winchester Cathedral

Finally, posy number three was made from the flowers of some white cyclamen that are still flowering in my patio pots. As the weather looks set to get colder I thought I would probably lose them soon anyway, so they are better in the house where I can appreciate them. With a bit of luck the plants may throw up some new blooms again if the frost does not put an end to them.

White Cyclamen Posy

Although the posies are destined for indoors I shot these photos in the greenhouse where I made the posies. The light is much better in there at this time of year and it could well be the stage for a few ‘shoots’ over the next weeks whilst the weather is grim. I also used my new camera lens, which is going to take a bit of getting used too – a good excuse for lots of practice!

January Posies

Just so that we know where we are I have added a fancy trowel that I keep in the greenhouse. Although its edge is not really sharp enough for gardening I love the beautiful colours. It was bought for me by a very special friend and together with its matching fork always makes me smile when I see them.

January Posies

I hope you have enjoyed my garden finds this week and that you will pop over to Cathy’s blog to have a look at what she and other bloggers have found in their gardens.

I will be back tomorrow to discuss sweetpeas – my shopping list is prepared and ordered and the first seeds have been sown, so I will look forward to sharing that with you.