Welcome to In A Vase On Monday. As ever I am linking to Cathy’s blog Rambling In The Garden with my contribution for this week to her challenge to find something from the garden every Monday to fill a vase with.

I have to admit that today was a challenge! I had to abandon my original plan as everything in the garden was wet and muddy and it was poring with rain this morning when I got back from the school run. As I drove up the driveway I noticed my curly hazel and a new plan was hatched. After retrieving a waterproof coat and wellies from the house I popped out and cut a few stems of the hazel. I then noticed the brown heads of some hydrangeas in pots that are waiting to be planted into the garden. I snipped a few heads and went to the greenhouse to cut some stems of narcissi Paperwhite. They all went quickly into a large white jug waiting in the kitchen. I felt the arrangement needed a bit more punch, so remembering Cathy’s macabre display last week, I popped out and cut a few stems from my witch hazel which has just come into flower.

As I got ready to take the photographs the sun came out!

Paperwhites, Hydrangeas & Twigs

I have included a lovely tea set that my mother bought me for Christmas in some of the shots. It is called Delamere by Spode.

Paperwhites, Hydrangeas & Twigs

I believe that this lovely witch hazel is called Diane – although as the label has dropped off I am not sure.


I have used the twigs to support the heads of the Paperwhites.

Black & White Paperwhites

I thought I would try a few shots in black and white for a change.

Paperwhites, Hydrangeas & Twigs

The weather was suddenly so nice that I had the kitchen door open for half an hour.

Garden From Kitchen Window

This shot was a focus accident, but the view of the garden through the window looked so good that I thought I would share it anyway!

On a practical note, the Paperwhites that I arranged last week lasted until Friday and the eunonymous in the base is still looking good. I have put it outside as I may reuse this base in a future week. Also the cyclamen which I used a couple of weeks ago proved to be an excellent cut flower. I have never used them before in a vase, but they lasted 6 days before starting to lose their colour.

Please do pop over to Cathy’s blog and see what she and her other readers have come up with this week.