Yesterday brought a cold damp morning and I briefly considered giving my usual trip to the market a miss. I was in need of a few provisions for the weekend however and the lure of the flower stall proved just to enticing.

When I arrived and saw the beautiful roses available this week I was very glad I had made the effort! I was spoilt for choice with sumptuous velvety reds and shades from palest antique pink to vibrant cerise. After some moments of deliberation I settled on my favourite peach shade with petals edged in pink.


I have arranged these roses in a cream lacework bowl that I picked up in TK Max a few years ago. A piece of floral foam sits discretely in the bowl and I have inserted the roses on short stems to fill the bowl. With hindsight I could easily have doubled up on the number of roses to create a much bigger more blousy arrangement, but I had to work with what I had available this morning.

Peach Roses in Lacework Urn

To add some movement to the arrangement, I popped out into the garden today and cut some stems from my winter flowering honeysuckle (lonicera fragrantissima), which is flowering beautifully at the moment. Last years leaves are still on the shrub as it remains evergreen in a sheltered location, but I removed them for this arrangement as they were looking a bit jaded. The leaves that you can see are the fresh new growth for this season.

Peach Roses & Winter Honeysuckle

Once again I was lucky to have a half hour of sunshine in an otherwise overcast day to take these photos. I usually make my arrangement for Flowers On Sunday whilst cooking Sunday lunch and the timing of todays sunshine could not have been worse. A burnt disaster was narrowly avoided! The arrangement is sitting in a window in the dining room and works perfectly with the colours of the room. The curtains are a muted lime green with lovely cream flower heads (very similar to the colours in the honeysuckle), the walls cream and the upholstery a rich peach.

Peach Roses

I do love the way the edges of these roses are tinged with pink!

I hope you have enjoyed Flowers On Sunday this week and I will be back tomorrow with an arrangement made from flowers in my garden. In A Vase On Monday is getting more difficult as the spring garden gets into its flow. I love all my flowers and it is very hard to make a choice of which to bring indoors when there are so many beautiful options.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and I am now off to light the fire!