I am back tonight  with a quick Monday share – a jugful of beautiful dahlias and asters!  As ever on a Monday I am linking up with Cathy at Rambling In The Garden to join in with Cathy’s challenge to find something from the garden to put in a vase every Monday.

I have not been doing too well with my weekly vases recently – I always have the intention to share a Monday vase, but the day seems to slip away from me and with these long evenings I am often out weeding and watering until quite late. This week I am very happy to announce that the dahlia season has finally started in my garden. It feels very late this year – even now the plants are quite small and have some way to go before they are pumping out the flowers. I think the cold spring and that very wet period in June when my beds were flooded has held them back. I am counting myself lucky though that they have not been eaten by slugs and looking forward to a beautiful September when they should be looking their best.


This is my third summer growing the glamorous Cafe Au Lait and the first one where she has been one of the first dahlias to flower! What a topsy turvy year I am having.


I have added dahlias Preference and American Dawn, aster Tower Chamois and a few stems of amaranthus to keep my Cafe Au Lait’s company today.


Isn’t she pretty! The pale colouring and dinner plate size of the flowers do mean that she is a very delicate beauty though and she does not cope well with wet weather.


Aster Tower Chamois is one of my favourite asters – a lovely fruity apricot shade. I grew plenty for the July wedding but they have only just started to flower, so I will be enjoying them in the house for the next few weeks.


Dahlia Preference is another favourite dahlia. A cactus variety this dahlia is smaller flowered than Cafe Au Lait and very easy to grow. I don’t even stake this one as she is fairly sturdy and the flowers are quite weather resistant.


With one last look at this lovely aster I will say goodnight – tonight I am rushing off to catch up on the Olympics! I have almost finished my post about the Wedding Flower course that I have been promising you, so do pop back tomorrow evening when it should be posted.

Have a lovely week everyone and take a peek at Cathy’s blog to see what she and the others have made this week.