Just when it seemed that the summer show was over with all the annuals going to seed and the dahlias looking the worst for wear after a few light frosts, November has proved that it does have some riches to share. In my greenhouse the indoor chrysanthemums have started to bloom and out in the cutting beds I have both foxgloves and Sweet Williams in flower!

November is the month that I generally regard as my least favourite month of the year. Dark and gloomy and without the twinkling lights that brighten December, November can be a very long month. That was until I discovered indoor chrysanthemums however.  In my book chrysanthemums are to November what peonies are to June and I now look forward to enjoying these stunning flowers almost as much as I look forward to my beloved peonies. Chrysanthemums also have the advantage that they flower for much longer and last very well in a vase.


As the dahlia season comes to a close at the end of October these beautiful architectural blooms fill my greenhouse autumnal delight. At first I concentrated on growing the rich autumnal oranges and dark reds and last year I grew an almost entirely white collection. This year my colour palette has mimicked my favourite dahlia shades with soft apricots, champagne nudes and various shades of pink filling my greenhouse bed.

Spring-Meets-Autumn Spring-Meets-Autumn


I have padded the vase out with a few last scruffy dahlias and some scabious flowers that have not quite gone over yet.

And yes these spires are foxgloves! I sowed the seeds way back in June and the weather has stayed so warm throughout autumn that they are flowering early as are the Sweet Willams. I wonder if they will flower again in the spring or if their flowering period will be over?


I also have a fresh crop of ammi visnaga – these lovely umbrels are growing in pots in my cold frames. I planted most of my last batch of ammi visnaga into the garden a couple of months ago, but those plants have been caught by a frost now – these ones were inadvertently left in their pots and are producing some lovely late blooms that are well protected from the frost – perhaps a good thing to do with a few more annuals next year.


So there you have my vase of spring and autumn blooms with a few summer left overs to fill out the jug. I photographed these yesterday which was a beautiful sunny day, unlike today which was much more a gloomy November day.


Life is still unpredictable here. My mother is very ill and has been in hospital for a month now. She is due to return home in a week or so’s time but is very frail and will need a lot of support. Dealing with her illness has taken over my daily routines leaving very little time for anything other than essentials so I fear it will be some time before I can be here on a regular basis again. I will try and pop in when I can to share a few words and photos with you.

Thank you to Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for organising this lovely meme and congratulations to her for reaching her 3rd anniversary of posting Monday vases. My own anniversary for taking part in her meme will be celebrated next Monday, so I hope that I will be able to join you here to celebrate 3 years of sharing Monday vases.

I wish you all a lovely week.

Julie xx