Another cold day with snow still lying in my garden, so apart from watering the seeds in the greenhouse there is not a lot to get on with right now. My ‘to do’  list is getting longer by the day, but with cold soil and freezing temperatures most jobs will have to wait.  Instead of working outside, I got on with planning an order of climbing roses to grow over the arches in the kitchen garden and against the flint wall behind the greenhouse. This will be the first year that I have planted climbers in this garden and I am concentrating on making sure I have all my favourites from my last garden. These were all bought from David Austin and included Teasing Georgina, Gertrude Jekyll, Sombreuil, Creme de la Creme, Crown Princess Margareta, Gloire de Dijon, Mme Alfred Carriere, Souvenir de La Malmaison and the Generous Gardener. There are too many listed to buy all at once, but if I can reduce the list to about six I will have one for each of the four arches and two to plant by the flint wall – the problem is which six?

I also had a play with a few flowers from around the house and some pretty backgrounds. I am a very inexperienced photographer and am hoping that writing this blog will help me to improve. In the meantime I will share with you my amateur attempts at creating something beyond just photos of the garden:


This last picture is pussy willow laid over a postcard that I bought in Switzerland a few years ago on a skiing holiday. I always marvel at how the women in those days managed to get about in the snow in all those skirts.