Many apologies to anyone who tried to read this post, which I thought I had published on Friday, over the weekend.  The wonders of modern technology failed on this occasion so I am reposting tonight – fingers crossed for success this time:-

Yesterday (Thursday) I had the joy of spending a day at the lovely home and garden of Vanessa Kimbell who runs the cookery school Juniper & Rose. She is also author of the blog Goddess on a Mission and cookbook Prepped, a favourite of mine in the kitchen.

I made the long journey from Bury St Edmunds to Northamptonshire to attend a course on food photography. Not being overly keen on long car journey’s I set off with some trepidation, wondering if this course would be time well spent. Well, wow – what a day I had! This one day course was full on. We ate as we worked, so as not to waste a minute of valuable learning time.

Vanessa concentrated on giving us the basics of setting up a food photography shoot, along with the principles needed to create a good food photograph. She brought in professional photographer Boyd Gilmour to take us through a whirlwind tour of ISO’s, apertures, shutter speeds, light, etc. Whilst we were out in the garden taking photos with Boyd, Vanessa prepared the best vegetable curry I have ever eaten for our ‘working lunch’.

My head is still spinning with all the information I have gathered. As a confirmed iPad photographer the leap to using a DSLR is huge, but yesterday took me a long way. My photos from the day are far from perfect, but at least I now feel that I have some idea of what I am trying to achieve and hope that in the future I will be able to share really good pictures of food from my garden.


You will see that I could not resist taking a few photos of the flowers in her lovely garden, although I did try hard to keep my focus on the food for the day!

I had a really useful time at Juniper & Rose and hope that I will find my way back there again in the not too distant future.