The garden is looking beautiful this week – all of my beds are filling out and the fresh greenery on the trees and shrubs, together with the revived grass, is making a perfect English summer scene:


The alliums are still holding centre stage, with the elegant and willowy Dicentra alba providing the chorus line:


Whilst these stunning blooms finish their performance, the follow on cast are warming up. Everywhere I look the buds of old favourites are bobbing above the greenery and some early birds have even reappeared to light up my beds:-

The first rose:Image

My favourite lupin, Masterpiece, is following on from the dark tulips:Image

The first English marigold:Image

A blue cornflower – a Cutting Garden favourite:Image

A stunning bearded iris (Midnight, I think):Image

And finally, a lovely bud of one of my favourite peonies – I really hope the June weather is kind to them!Image

Tonight I spotted one of the most exciting sights of all – baby pears on the first tier of the espalier trees I have been training for the last two summers. When I planted the maiden whips in 2011 (taking a deep breath as I cut the thin trunks back to 12inches) it was hard to believe they would ever be mature enough to fruit!