Last weekend I spent a fantastic afternoon making some table arrangements for a large dinner party to celebrate a friends beautiful daughter on her 21st birthday.

Despite the autumnal feel of the garden, with russets and deep oranges prevailing in most beds, the birthday girl wanted pinks and purples for her special day. Having trawled through my beds I was able to find a few astrantia blooms in a second flush, some very late lavender, a few beautiful heads of hydrangea Annabelle and some late sweet peas to compliment the pink and purple dahlias. As this was such a special event I felt that even the flowers needed to be in evening dress, so added some pearls and glitter to the arrangements. Sadly I forgot to take my camera when I delivered the flowers, so missed taking photos of the beautiful table. Hopefully these will give you a flavour.

21st Flower Collage

If posts have seemed a bit thin on the ground recently that is because I have started a ten week on line photography course with Christina Greve, which is taking up rather a lot of time.

Having moved from my iPad to a DSLR a few months ago, I am now trying to master the controls and hopefully move into manual mode before the course is over. Also I am looking at new ways to display my photos, so today’s collage is a trial. As most of my current photos are going straight to my Apple trash can, there is not a lot to share at the moment. Hopefully this is all in a good cause, so please be patient and stick with me. Normal posts will resume soon, hopefully with improved pictures!