Peach Flower Collage

Hi and happy Monday to you all!

Today I am introducing a new weekly post called ‘Jobs To Do This Week’. The idea behind this is to give you an insight into what I am planning to get done every week in my garden. It will help me by crystallising my To Do list and hopefully help you by giving you some idea of the jobs you could be doing.

So this week I know that I need to:

1. Buy grease bands for my fruit trees and put them around the trunks. These bands help to prevent a number of wingless moths that climb the trunks of fruit trees during winter and lay eggs. The eggs hatch in spring and the caterpillars will eat the leaves of your fruit trees during spring and early summer. This was a big problem for me this year and I am already late with the grease bands, which should have gone on in October.

2. Plant my garlic bulbs outside.

3. Sow my broad bean seeds outside.

4. Sow a tray of winter salad seeds in the greenhouse.

This is quite a short list, which is what I love about the winter months – gardening scales down to a few manageable tasks. In a small space the jobs I have mentioned could easily be done in an hour at the weekend, as long as your plot is ready for planting.

I will have to find the time to visit the garden centre to buy the grease bands this week.  I have already bought my garlic and broad bean seeds. Both are still available in garden centres or online if you would like to plant some now in your garden. The broad bean seeds will have to be covered with a fleece tunnel, which again I need to buy as last years bad weather destroyed my tunnels.


I will be back later in the week with the first post of another series I am planning about creating and maintaining an organic vegetable garden. I thought it might be useful over the winter to look at starting a vegetable garden from scratch. In the first post I will be discussing my thoughts on designing a new vegetable garden.