Today I am linking in with Cathy from the lovely blog Rambling In The Garden. I have been reading Cathy’s daily posts about events in her garden for over a year now and was delighted when I saw yesterday’s title, ‘In A Vase On Monday’. Cathy has come up with the fantastic idea of setting herself the challenge of finding something from her garden to put in a vase every week and posting it on her blog on Monday’s. She has invited other bloggers to join in the challenge, so I am going give it a go.

Today when I went outside with my secateurs, I barely made it past the kitchen door before inspiration hit me. My pots of fuchsias are still in full bloom and I have never used fuchsia flowers in the house before. There is no time like the present, so a few snips later and I had this lovely vase of tiny pink and purple ballerinas:

Fuchsia In A Vase

As the sun was steaming through the kitchen windows this morning this shot feels more like mid July than mid November.

Now I need to head out to the garden for some ideas for next week (when I hope to post on time on Monday)!