Welcome to this weeks ‘In A Vase On Monday’. Before I show you my vase I must share my exciting news – today I contributed a guest post to Sarah Raven’s lovely blog Garlic & Sapphire. Please do pop over and take a look – I would be very happy if you could leave a comment there as well.

This week I have pulled together a vase at the last minute. After feeling unwell for much of last week, I was relieved to wake up this morning feeling much better. The sun was shining and I decided to make the most of it with a walk around the garden. Much is stirring at the moment, although the main acts are undoubtedly the snowdrops and hellebores. You can imagine my delight as I turned a corner and saw a drift of yellow daffodils that had just burst into flower. I headed back to the kitchen for my scissors and shortly after was able to make this.


I have used large headed yellow daffodils (possibly King Alfred’s) and lonicera fragrantissima in the main vase and a mix of the tiny narcissi Tete a Tete, iris reticulata Harmony and muscari in the tiny glass bubble vase given to me by a friend a few weeks ago.


The fragrant winter flowering honeysuckle, lonicera fragrantissima, was planted in my woodland border in our first winter here four years ago. It is now quite a bushy shrub and is evergreen in all but the harshest of winters. It is covered with these tiny white flowers at this time of year and smells divine.


Underneath the honeysuckle are a few clumps of this large headed yellow daffodil. I do not grow many of this type and these clumps pre-date my arrival in the garden, but I would not be without the cheer that they bring the first time I see them flower each year. It is like the sun has been turned on and the wheels of spring are speeding up. I know that all manner of other beauties will be hot on their heels.

Spring Flowers In Bubble Vase

To compliment the main arrangement I added some tiny posies of petite flowers to this delicate bubble vase.

Muscari & Iris Reticulata

I love the way that this little vase allows you to focus on flowers so small that they can otherwise be overlooked.

Large Daffodils

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks touch of spring yellow! Thank you as always to Cathy for hosting this meme and please do pop over to Rambling In The Garden to see what she and the others have made this week.

Now that I am feeling better I am looking forward to being back later this week with more posts!