Welcome to ‘In A Vase On Monday’ when I am linking up with Cathy at Rambling In The Garden to join her challenge to fill a vase for the house from the garden every week.

This week the flowers are from my garden and they are in a vase (or similar), but I have to admit that I did not arrange them today. I feel like I am cheating a bit this week, but time is very short in June, so I am going to show you the flowers I made for yesterday’s lunch. I took these photos for my ‘Flowers On Sunday’ post, but we had such a lovely afternoon that it lasted most of the day and it was far too late to blog last night.

I am starting today with a view from the drawing room window – this was taken at about 6.30am yesterday and the light was beautiful. You can see peony Adolphe Rousseau growing in the bed with lupin Masterpiece.

Garden View

For the table I chose six of the best peony blooms and placed them in individual vessels along the table. I love this style of flower arrangement on a dining table as the beautiful blooms take up very little of the space and can easily be moved about as needed. Shown individually I think they are even more stunning than when placed in a big arrangement. On the table you can see Gay Paree and Adolphe Rousseau.

Peony Lunch

There were still some beautiful Sarah Bernhardt buds just about to open.

Peony in Bottle

I chose a variety of containers for the table – a few bottles and some small silver bowls gave a good height variation.

Peony Lunch

I particularly love this Sarah Bernhardt bloom in a silver bowl.

Peony Sarah Bernhardt

Looking across from the dining table you can see the seating end of the drawing room. I placed two posies of peonies on the tables.

Peony Posies

On the table in the window a mixed posy including Gay Paree, Sarah Bernhardt, Adolphe Rousseau and Duchess de Nemours.

Peony Gay Paree

On the coffee table an arrangement of Festiva Maxima, a pinky white double flower with crimson flecks. This peony has a beautiful old rose scent.

Peony Duchess de Nemours

On the mantle the beautiful Duchess de Nemours – my Sarah Raven bowl is always perfect for flowers on this mantle.

Peony Duchess de Nemours

I added a few tea lights filled with single blooms to stretch the flowers out along the mantle.

Peony Duchess de Nemours Peony Duchess de Nemours

To finish tonight I just wanted to show you a close up of the Edwardian wine glasses that I was very fortunate to find in an antique centre before Christmas. I love etched glass and have struggled to find anything like this that was affordable so I snapped these up when I spotted them tucked away amongst piles of other glasses. The beautiful morning light showed them off perfectly.

Edwardian Wine Glass

I hope you have enjoyed my ‘cheat’ today. I have been very busy all day planting out my dahlias in the heat and then bottling elderflower cordial that I luckily made just in time before the flowers went over. Next week I will make sure to prepare a vase on Monday – I still have a few peonies waiting to bloom but if this heat continues I may have to chose a new flower by next week!

I hope you will pop over to Cathy’s blog to see what she and the others have made this week. There are an increasing number of us joining in with Cathy’s meme these days – please do feel free to add a contribution. I am sure Cathy would be delighted!