Tonight is a very quick post by way of apology for being so very quiet on my blog this week. Unfortunately I have been laid low with a winter bug, so I have made next to no progress with my garden jobs and I have not even felt up to wandering around with my camera. I am beginning to feel a bit better today, so am keeping my fingers crossed that life will be back to normal very soon.

In the meantime I thought I would share with you the Lily of the Valley that I have been enjoying in my kitchen this week. I have just checked my records (what a fantastic diary a blog makes!) and can see that I brought the three lifeless pots of pips into the kitchen on the 15th of January. By the 7th of February they looked like this:

Lily of the Valley

Last weekend they flowered and I am now enjoying this:

Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley

In about five short weeks I have gone from empty pots to flowering Lily of the Valley and I could not be happier! I think that even beats the flowering speed of Paperwhites.

I hope to be back on Sunday as usual with ‘Flowers On Sunday’.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!